Polite disclaimer (regarding food)

All our food is served hot & fresh EVERYTIME, to be consumed ASAP for best results. It is not designed for reheating or consuming hours or days after food is collected. The Black swan takes no responsibility for poor quality, texture & temperature of food items once the food is in the customers hands and adequate time to consume their food has passed.


We appreciate your understanding with this.

We also ask to be as punctual/close to the alloted time slot allocated, especially not too early to help with social distancing as the customer in front of you may still be collecting, again we appreciate your understanding and patience with this

Polite Notice (regarding drinks)

All drink (Alcoholic) products are availble via

PRE-ORDER ONLY this it to abide by national lockdown restrictions. No drink product may be opened, breached or consumed on the premises, it must be taken away from the premises to enjoy.


Your order will be allocated a time slot for collection or added to your food order if you already have a time slot allocated for a food order.


(Please do not be offended if asked to produce ID when purchasing/collecting your order)

Drinks may be purchased with or without food as long as it pre ordered as detailed above. Drinks only available during food service hours and strictly no later than 9:45pm.